The film begins with Driver (Dwayne Johnson) being released from prison after talking to the warden (Tom Berenger). He exits curtly and breaks into a run, seemingly set on something. He continues running until he retrieves a car. He then drives to an office in Bakersfield where he kills a telemarketer (Courtney Gains) . Driver then goes to the man who gave him the car and the gun (Mike Epps) and forces him to give him the names and information about the rest of people on a list he compiled for Driver. Meanwhile, Driver is being tracked down by detective Cicero (Carla Gugino) and a Slade Humpheries, also known as Cop (Billy Bob Thornton), who is about to retire. They investigate the office crime scene and video from the security camera. Cicero gets a break in the case when she recognizes Driver. Later, a nameless hitman 'Killer' (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) is hired to kill Driver. Killer tells his girlfriend Lily (Maggie Grace) that it will be his last job.

Driver heads to the second name on his list. It is an old man who films his own personal snuff films, and he is in the middle of filming himself taking advantage of a girl he drugged when Driver busts in the door and shoots him dead. Killer has tracked down Driver and initiates a gun fight in the hallway, but Driver escapes. This affects Killer philosophically, who proposes to his girlfriend and takes the case personally.


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