The Hit List

 Actor Christian Slater, who also starred with Cuba Gooding in Lies & Illusions as well as Sacrifice, was originally rumored to play the part of Allan Campbell. It is a role Cole Hauser actually played in the film. (The two actors are set to star together in the 2010 film Shadows of the White Nights.)

The writers of the 2008 film Hero Wanted, also starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. penned the screenplay, while several of the producers of Hero Wanted, the 2006 action film End Game, and the 2009 crime film Wrong Turn at Tahoe produced.

Director William Kaufman of the 2005 indie action thriller The Prodigy was chosen to direct.

Filming took place in Spokane, Washington in early 2010. (The local police in Spokane refused to officially participate in the film's production because of the film's depiction of violence toward police officers. This is due to a real life shooting of four police officers in Seattle two months before principal photography began.)


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